Purchasing Your Angel Touch Yorkie
     This page is only to help You and My self In placing and finding the right puppy for You.

                  When contacting us please tell us a little about your self
.                                                                              Please compose your Questions In Order to
Aviod  E-Mail Tag and avoid One Line E-Mails.
               Please Include as much helpful information about your self as Possible.

1.  Your Name , Home address Including State and Phone Number, If shipping what Air Port.
2.  IF you are looking for a  Forever Pet/ Companion, Show Prospect, Breeder.

3.  If you are wanting a Male or Female, Size?

4. If you are on a budget We have some times larger pups that are in the $500 price range.

5. If you are looking for a "Tiny" Please read about Tinies We do not recommend and will
Not guarantee a Tiny Yorkies in the homes with Small Children under the age of 12.

6. IF you are a breeder and have a web site Please share it with us.

If you have owned a Yorkie before we welcome Pictures if you would like to share with us..

                                   Any References would be Appreciated.

We want our Precious little Angel Yorkies to only go to the most loving deserving  Forever Homes.  

**Our Yorkie Babies are available for viewing, and Pick up Week Ends**
                  ***Appointments after One O'Clock. ***

                                **If you are looking for a Tiny Size, "T-Cup" Yorkie Puppy**
                                    Please Read our Information on Tinies before you Purchase.
Click here for Info on Tiny Yorkies

                                 AKC Papers... We reserve the right to add our Prefix "AngelTouch" to the AKC
                           Papers.  We also reserve the right to determine if the puppy is sold Limited or
                                       Full AKC.  Limited Not to be used for Breeding Pet/Companion Only.

                   If  Shipping is desired the name of your nearest First and Second Choose Air Ports.
                                 WE Ship Primary with Delta temperatures permiting 45 to 85 .
                Price for Shipping $300    Delta just had another price increase 4 price inceases this year.
                      We can ship with Continental but we charge a extra fee for Gas as it is a 2 and half
                           hour drive   leaving  at 2:30 AM to the Birmingham Air Port a 5 hour round trip..
I can only ship on the week -Ends with Continental (Sorry Continental Closed for Pets at this time in Birmingham We
are                                                             No longer able to ship with Continental..
Sorry but we do not ship on demand .  We have to take what flights are available when the temperature /
weather               Permits.  We will not be held responsible for delays, over booked,  canceled, or bumped due to the Air Lines.
We ask that you be available to receive your Baby at any given time or have some one be able to pick up your Baby for you.
We do Not ship a tiny t-cups .  
                                            Our main concern is the safety of your baby ..
*(Please if you have small Children we request that small Children sit in the floor to pet,hold,or play with the puppy.) *****
~~~Please Call for Appointments 205-662-5459 ~~~~
We are available
From One To Six on Week-Ends  for Viewing and Pick ups
We are Located In Alabama In the Liberty Community,
In Pickens County.

We ask that you schedule an appointment in order to be
fair to our other customers so we can spend equal time
with each Individual.
Sorry We do Not Deliver.

We do except deposits in the amount of $200  to hold or reserve
your baby.  We can only hold with a deposit.
Deposits are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.
The Deposit will hold your Yorkie untill pick Up date and payment
is made in full.        Pick Ups available on Week Ends.
Please contact us first between hours 10AM to 6 PM to make sure
that the puppy you want is still available before you send your
(I do Not sell my pups at 6 weeks of age most do not leave my home until they are
from 8 to 12 weeks old or older I determine when the puppy is mature enough to go
to his or her new home)
You have 4 business days for you deposit to reach us if after the
4th day and deposit has not been received the puppy will become
available  to the next on our waiting list.
Sorry we do not except Personal Checks, Credit Cards, or
We do accept Money order, Cashier Check or Cash.
Your Puppy must be paid in full 2 weeks before
Deposit Page
All Graphics and photos copy Rights of
Angel Touch Yorkies